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Take full advantage of your data, apply smarter solutions to your business problems, and extract actionable business insights with AI-driven solutions
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Internet of Things consulting services
Internet of Things technology is bringing the digital world closer to the physical world and offering new opportunities to businesses. At Trontier, we help you digitally transform your business within the spectrum of IoT from sensors, cloud and security to advanced analytics and connectivity.
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Some of our recent AI and IoT projects
AI training: developing tailored courses

We’ve helped a charity organization develop customised training materials on machine learning topics disseminated across UK secondary schools to improve access to university education.

AI development in Smart agriculture

We are helping an agricultural research institution develop a methodical and tested approach to sensor installation in an autonomous greenhouse with the goal of improving data quality and reducing cost using a data-driven machine learning approach.

Data analytics in Smart city

We helped city planners in one of the top UK cities to understand and explain patterns of interaction of their citizens with nature and green spaces which informed them on policy-making and strategic planning of green spaces for optimal utilization and wellbeing enhancement.

AI training: e-learning

We helped one of the largest online global summer schools to coordinate and facilitate online learning in a collaborative and engaging manner.

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