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  1. Target Audience: Graduate students, professionals in any industry.

Duration: Varies from 2 weeks to 6 weeks of training depending on the level of expertise to attain.

Career specializations

We offer training for different career specializations including:

The Data Analyst Track
The data analyst specialization introduces the foundations of data analysts and the role they play in the  business world. This program is aimed at helping users gain an understanding of these concepts and  their roles in analytics, and help them understand why this information is important in the world today.  The course will expose learners to the areas of Statistics, Excel, SQL, Power BI, and basic programming. More  advanced topics will be covered in the professional level including correlation and causation, linear regression, confidence interval, and analytical testing.

The Data Scientist Track
In this specialization, you will understand the entire data science pipeline tailored to your industry. Using a hands-on approach, you will learn how data can help drive business decisions in your chosen industry.  You will be exposed to the role of data scientists in uncovering the insights and trends in data and cover the concepts and tools you will need throughout the entire data science pipeline. We shall explore a  plethora of data science topics that will help ground you in your domain or industry including advanced analytics and visualisation, machine learning and predictive modelling. 

The AI Specialist track
Artificial intelligence is a fast-paced technology that has an impact on our personal lives, society and future.  In this course, students will get a basic introduction to artificial intelligence building blocks and components,  and understand concepts such as algorithms, machine learning, and neural networks. Participants will leave the course with full understanding of what AI is, how it works, precautionary measures and how to use the technology.

The Data Engineer Track
Professional data engineers collect, transform, and publish data to enable data-driven decision making.  This specialization prepares the learner to design, implement, operate, protect, and monitor data processing systems with an emphasis on security and compliance, scalability and efficiency, reliability and portability. Participants will learn how existing machine learning models are made available, delivered, and continuously trained by data engineers.

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Why train with us?

Each of our courses is designed to meet a specific business need in the Future of Work. Learners will be exposed to a range of real-world problems, under the guidance of an experienced expert. They will also consider their own situation and ways in which they can develop their skills further. We provide:

  • Bespoke training: You will receive a personal consultation from us, and a bespoke course designed to meet your specific needs. We realize that no two learner needs are equal, so we provide custom-built training. With hands-on oriented classes, peer activities, and classroom learning, our expert tutors will make sure you leave the training feeling confident to apply what you have learnt to solve problems in your organization.
  • Industry domain and technical experience: We have domain experience from solving real-world data science problems in industry domains including agriculture, oil and gas, smart cities and healthcare. In addition, we bring in-depth knowledge from the theoretical and practical standpoints in Data Analytics, AI, Machine Learning, and Internet of Things.
  • Seasoned training expertise: We have been training at different levels since the past 8 years. We have delivered theoretical and hands-on training in academic and professional settings and developed rich training materials.



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AI-Data School

Foundation – ₦10000, Associate – ₦50000, Professional – ₦100000

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